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Who thought a weight loss challenge was a good idea… AGAIN?

Day 27 of a 10 week weight loss challenge. The last time I did this I was 31… that was 10 YEARS ago! So, like last time, I spent my last week of 2017 packing on the pounds. I tipped the scale at 237.8lbs (I was shooting for 240lbs). I’m down to 214lbs as of this morning. I plan to beat my previous best of 196lbs by 1lbs; 195lbs is my target. I still have 6 weeks to go to drop 19lbs, which isn’t that impossible. How am I doing it this time? Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • Weights, Running, Cardio, Activity that is tracked on both my Watch and Calorie tracker app
  • Consume around 1500 calories a day
  • Stop Drinking
  • Stop Junk-food
  • Stop Soda
  • Stop Snacks
  • Portion Control
  • Eat Breakfast (that was a hard one)
  • Get the Flu (already recovered from it)

I didn’t take any “before” pictures but I’m definitely going to take an after.

Rice Isn’t A Carb

Almost 7 days in and I’m not dying from lack of junk food (maybe). My body is less than happy with me, but I have been feeding it copious amounts of butter, steak, eggs and water (with veggies and fruit, relax). This diet experiment is different than the pervious ones; I’m only limiting things that “I” precieve as bad. I don’t think sushi is bad, so rice can’t be bad, so I’m fine. It all shakes out. I must be getting older because by this time LAST time I did this I was down 15lbs. I’m only down 10lbs, but progress is progress. I’m not at the point where I’d sell off an appendage for a burger, but I’m getting close.

Planning for 40

Wow, it’s been five years ago since I last posted here. This site became my defacto location for personal opinions and diet documentation. Of all my blogs, this one was mostly for me. I never promoted this blog. I rarely mention this blog to family and friends. I started it ten years ago, when I was getting close to thirty. Appropriate I re-visit here considering I am coming up on forty.

What does that even mean; forty? To me, at this point, it means cleansing my system of all the junk and crap I’ve put it through over the years and not “looking” as if I am forty when I turn forty. Years ago I did a weight loss challenge at my old job. I cheated (packed on a few extra for initial weigh-in), but I did drop a shit-ton. My current challenge is a couple new factors I have to consider:

  • I was diagnosed with Gout back in May of 2013
  • I am currently undergoing physical therapy for both my wrist and shoulder

When the doctor originally told me I had Gout, he told me I needed to follow a very strict diet. I complied, and experienced the worst attack thus far. Why? In his own words “I didn’t think you’d follow ALL my instructions!” So, unlike my previous weight loss tactics, I can’t just stop eating everything because it’ll be a shock to my system. And with the bum-shoulder, I can’t go crazy in the gym and do 100’s of pushups and dumbbell fly’s. Always an adventure.

Easiest way to adjust will be to stop the major offenders:

  • No more fast food
  • No more soda
  • No more Limeaid
  • No more Gin
  • No more chips
  • No more white pasta
  • No more white bread

Basically, my entire diet. More fruits, raw veggies, lean meats, water, Bai5, nuts, seafood, etc. And portion control.

I’ve got a week and a half of gluttony ahead of me, but unlike last time I do not plan on going out of my way to pack on the pounds. I start clean Jan 1 (cliche, I know).

Food Diary – Day 03

Maangchi - Korean CookingI’ve found a new podcast to get addicted to. Of course it must have something
to do with technology, cars or food… food. Maangchi is promoted on Boxee Cooking, which has a whole slew of cooking podcasts. Hers, however, is so addictive due to her bubbly personality and very straight forward food prep techniques. I need to talk to my butcher and get some pork belly with the skin still on (of all her receipies, the ones that use pork belly look amazing to me). At an average time of 7min per podcast, you can’t beat a dose of Korean Cooking a night.

Breakfast: Banana, water
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich, UTZ plain ridged chips, grapes and water
Dinner: Pasta with mussels in a marinara over angel-hair (sm), shrimp & scallops in a white sauce over angel-hair (sm), water
Snack: UTZ plain chips, bourbon, 1 Pepsi Throwback

EXERCISE: 30 min run, 30 min weights (full-body/clean-jerk, arms, chest, shoulders)

Food Diary – Day 02

I haven’t used this blog in years. I was locked out of the admin for while due to some ugly code. Thanks to the interweb I was able to globally fix and gain access once again. I have multiple other sites I use to share thoughts and ideas, but I really don’t have a “casual” place that allows me to ramble about, well, food intake. Take it for what it is I guess. This is also the least trafficked site I have currently. And so it begins. Still sick, still feel like crap.

Breakfast: Airborn, Banana
Lunch: Grapes, leftover steak in brown sauce (couple bites), leftover pork shoulder with rice (couple bites), water
Dinner: Half small frozen pizza with red pepper flakes, bourbon, 1 can Pepsi Throwback
Snack: Handful wheat thins, bourbon on ice

EXERCISE: 20 minutes basketball, 20 minutes run, 30 minutes weights (shoulders, arms, chest, abs)

Food Diary – Day 01

Sick. I’ve been sick with a cold for the past week or so. It has worked it’s way into my stomach. I’ve found myself ingesting more crap as of late, so I am going to start tracking like I did years ago during the weight loss contest. No goal, just me trying to eat better by publicly documenting what I put into my body.

Breakfast: Special K cereal bar, water with lemon
Lunch: Baked tilapia on 12 grain bread (one slice) with mango hot sauce, water, grapes, banana
Dinner: Steak in brown sauce, sun-dried couscous, water
Snack: Natural lemon lime soda (real sugar) on ice, Premium Saltines

: 30 minute run, 30 min weights (arms, chest)

Salò Out on the 26th

It had been rumored. At one point Criterion had it listed as “Coming Soon” then pulled it off the site. It’s back with a release date of 8/26/08. I posted about this a while back. Never has a film repulsed me on a content level while blowing me away with the art direction and detail and respect of the material. I’m still on the fence about seeing this again (especially since I forced myself to turn it off mid way through due to the level of nausea I encountered). That being said, it is a film that has ingrained such an image and impression I have not been able to shake it 8 years later. For those unfamiliar with it, from the Criterion site:

“Pier Paolo Pasolini’s notorious final film, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, has been called nauseating, shocking, depraved, pornographic . . . it’s also a masterpiece. The controversial poet, novelist, and filmmaker’s transposition of the Marquis de Sade’s 18th-century opus of torture and degradation to 1944 Fascist Italy remains one of the most passionately debated films of all time, a thought-provoking inquiry into the political, social, and sexual dynamics that define the world we live in.”

So I think I’ll still need to watch it with a core group of people, but I really don’t know who that would be? Not my wife. Not my family. Not my poker group. So that leaves a few friends that are scattered all around the world… If I do decide to watch it again (the entire film this time) I’ll be sure and post my review/reaction.

What Comic-Con Has Taught Me

So, let me take another slant on the Con which I am doubtful most are blogging about – inspiration. I, like many of you I would assume, am (or like to think of myself as) a creative. I enjoy producing original work in a multitude of areas. It’s a little known fact that I do write (other then these blogs). I don’t talk about my writing much due to confidence issues, and the fear that someone will take my drafts and make them better, or worse, or never actually read them. So while I’m sitting in the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” panel it hits me… these commercials I’ve written, these short movies I’ve drafted, the comic strip I’ve started, the movie scripts I’ve begun… what the hell am I doing? Why the hell am I not creating them? Why are they simply sitting on my computer taking up space? So, in the coming weeks I will be taking some of these ideas and concepts and doing something with them. When I do, I will finally share.

So, back to the actual Con… for those wanting to skip to the good parts, check out my Flickr photos to check out the images. Also, over at andrewdoak.com I’ve got additional cellphone images from the show and my Twitter stream while I was there (Tumblr was having some RSS issues with my posts and finally grabbed them all at once, as opposed to every hour while I was posting).

Of the sessions I attended, the best were in the beginning and the end. The Friday and Sunday sessions were awesome. Kevin Smith is always a treat to listen to, the new Punisher War Zone footage is simply crazy, and the first episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (that would be the first FULL episode they showed) is stupid crazy funny; simply the best footage I saw there. People were loosing their shit over The Watchmen trailer. I was pissed we couldn’t get into that panel; crazy long line. And while were on it, the lines were crazy, but the staff was fantastic. Jeff and I were going out of our way to be nice to them because they were dealing with, among other things, trolls, fairies, superheroes & random goth kids.

On the main floor I believe it’s appropriate to describe it as pandemonium. Studios booths mixed with comic dealers mixed with artists mixed with authors mixed with long lines for autographs mixed with idiots who look up and continue to walk mixed with cool-ass toys mixed with the smell of mom’s basement and Doritos. I got a couple books, didn’t get my copy of The Watchmen signed, bought the kids too much junk, and got a ton of promotional schwag. I couldn’t find to issue of LOBO where he kills santa, so that was a disappointment. Gav will have to find it on his own (Amazon actually has a couple copies from dealers available for like $10). SciFi had a crazy booth, as did LEGO and DC. DarkHorse had some fantastic books. I should have packed less cloths to allow myself more stuff. Next year I will plan better.

So, as a first impression it was an amazing experience. Things I would do different for next year:

  1. Bring water, snacks and Airborne
  2. Pack less cloths, more space for junk
  3. Only go for a couple days, not the full 4
  4. Prepare myself for the lines and get there early (2 hours early) for those that I can’t miss
  5. Bring a couple books I would like signed and get the signed
  6. Wear sneaks, not boots or flips
  7. Purchase a poster tube carrier and a more ergonomically sound messenger bag
  8. More cash (i was getting pinged when I used plastic)
  9. Believe in the impulse, if I want it, buy it, so I didn’t have to hunt back to find the booth later in the crowds
  10. TAKE MORE PICTURES… bringing my pro kit and HDCam would have been the smartest thing to do
  11. Dress up. As what, I have no idea, but I need to do something

My first Comic-Con was awesome. Looking forward to next years 40th anniversary for the show. And hopefully my favorite book (which is being adapted into a film for 2009) Y: The Last Man will have more exposure then.

IJATKOTCS | $18 for that?

I used to see nearly every movie that came out. Looking back, I have no idea how I afforded it, but I saw a shit load of movies in the theater. Now, with schedules the way they are, I get to see a movie maybe once a quarter. I pick them for popular culture significance, content, novel appeal, and genre specific reasons. Last night I made an error with my movie selection; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull over IronMan.

I love Indy. I owned the VHS and now the FIRST DVD box-set of all his earlier adventures. I am looking forward to XMAS when I can ask for the early Indy TV series. Ty and I are stoaked for the LEGO Indy Wii game since we loved the LEGO Star Wars series. So when the wife and I decided to venture out and see a film in a tornado (eh, kids had a babysitter), I strongly stated we were going to see Indy!

Wife – Indy, you sure you don’t want to see IronMan?
Me – See, IronMan is going to look awesome on our flat-screen with the sound, while I have to see Indy in the theater. I really want to see IronMan, but again, it’s Indy… you have to experience him in all his glory and movie-theater-pop-corn-and-candy glory. It’s Indy!

So why was a yawning (literally) half way through? Why didn’t I mind when the babysitter called because she was afraid of letting the dog out he’d get gobbled up by a tornado? Why did I *gasp* actually look at my phone to see what time it was, and how much more pain was I going to have to endure? Where the hell was my Indy? Come-on, don’t give me that crap about how old he is! Connery was balls rocking as Jones Sr. And Indy was awesome in the fight scenes… so what was it? There was not sharp wit. No snap (sorry, whip pun) in his delivery. He was soft spoken. He moved in slow strides without the saunter. There was no crazy in his eyes… now I guess they wanted that focus to be on the new Jr. Jr. Indy, but it missed. And is it me, or did the film drip with more sappy “gee-shucks” moments then a freaking Drake & Josh episode?

$18 for the movie (2 of us). $12.40 for 2 bottle waters and a small popcorn. She sneaked in candy I bought her while she was in the hospital, so lets say another $1… $31.40 (not counting the gas; lets not forget the gas) + babysitter money which the wife took care of, and the fact that the kids ate all my snacks because they were “scared of the tornado… dude, all my CoolRanch were GONE when I got home…” I’m going to say it was an expensive night that should have resulted in a little more escapism, less reality.

Indy, you’ve let me down. Maybe it was the mitigating factors already described. Maybe the intent was for me to be bored with you so I could better accept the new kid. Maybe you are just too “old” and no longer salty or crazy. No matter what, I’ve got you in 3 previous films (not including a whole TV series I’m drying to catch up on) and now I KNOW I’m going to like IronMan that much more.

Back Home

Most everyone knows by know that K is back from from her hospital ordeal. She is doing well, sleeping better, dealing with pain better, and can actually breath now (which is nice). I’m still getting shit for posting the doc-series from her stay over in my Flickr account, but such is life. Kids are happy she is home. I am happy she is home. Sammy is really happy she is home. I am also back at work (you know, that place where you do the stuff to get paid to help live your life), which is really nice. I looked at K on one of our last walks through the hallways:

You know, I don’t even spend this much time with my friends…

I think she got the humor in that. That’s about it. I’ll probably start to add new content here that relates to the crazy shit I find online, but odds are you’ve probably read about on DIGG or reddit already. You know what, no, I’m not going to link those services. I’m just not. If you, as a person who reads random shit by a random guy online, do not know what DIGG or reddit are, then I am just ashamed. And frankly, neither of the services need my link weight… maybe I do need more sleep… more sleep, less heartburn causing toxins.

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